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Friday, June 6, 2008

Our May newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,

A new face was in church last Sunday. A young man maybe about 13, tall, skinny, curly black hair. He was with his dad, who seemed to know a few signs. This young deaf youth seems to know less. You could tell he was a bit shy about being with us.

I wonder if this is the same young man that was mentioned to me by another mother from my daughter’s school. I gave my sign language book away to be given to this youth and his family. They didn’t want to send him to the residential deaf school near by, and instead, tried to mainstream him without the help of an interpreter—only now they are hitting a wall, because he seems to be getting nowhere. Praise God he’s here now!

It’s a “Praise God” post folks!

The deaf congregation is growing every week! And the interest that the hearing congregation is starting to grow. A couple is studious in learning sign, and wanting to take a part in the deaf congregation a little bit, more and more, and there are others . .

The deaf women's retreat was such a blessing to all! Yamile Grey from Washington state was our guest speaker full of God’s Spirit and a heart, which she left here when she went back. We were 11 in all. And thanks to Grace of Seal Beach we were able to treat these ladies to a special treat out at a fancy restaurant to tie into our theme of “Come, Dine with Me.” (thank you!) We were able to minister to new Christians in the faith, and minister to some old hurts—God’s grace was abundant!

Plus we have started our deaf women’s bible study that meets in our home, sometimes Yamile leads the study via web cam! Yamile signs so fast that her hands are often a blur! So full of God’s passion! What a blessing!

And suddenly it is summer. In June we are busy making preparations with a visiting church group. Among other things, we are planning a barbeque outreach to reach more deaf in the area. Then we are planning our trip up North to visit friends, family and churches. Sharing what God is doing here and catching up with everyone . . . We are so excited! If you are interested in us sharing with your church, let us know!

Carlos and his family are doing well. His little 6 year old girl has had the hardest time with the loss of her mother, but she lead her class in a signed song for a public performance last Sunday. When I spoke to her teacher afterwards, her teacher said that she really started to come back to life as she was able to teach those around her sign. So please keep them in prayer.

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