1 Peter 4:10

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The deaf church of Ensenada

Good news!
Last Sunday there were 28! people in attendance.
Doesn't sound like much, I know, but we have had about 10 people come on average before . . . so the numbers have more than doubled.
And almost all of them need Jesus, or training in the Christian walk!
Isn't it wonderful . . . .
It is wonderful to hear see their many questions, its even more delightful when you see them amazed at who Jesus is, or what he has done for them.

So, here are some pictures of some faces we are beginning to see in regular attendance . .

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Suarez family stopped by yesterday. Not an unusual occurrence, they wanted to know if they’d received any mail? Did we get them the milk they needed?, and just to visit . . .

Oh, yes, and tomorrow morning Carlos will need an interpreter for a meeting. Did we still plan on meeting for worship song practice this Friday and when did Lonnie want help for some of his projects?

Also lets talk about starting a bible study on Saturdays for the ladies, Carlos is going down for a deaf rights march in town, are we going to be there? and there are so many deaf couples and people to continue praying for . . . . .

· Newly saved Manuel and his wife are struggling—
· Jose and his wife are getting divorced - How painful for them and their 4 kids
· Jorge and Dana we haven’t seen or heard from them in a while . . .

But Praise God! We’ve had two more come to receive Christ last Wednesday! And that the camera Carlos needed along with a computer for editing has come through so he can start working on his vision of creating Christian deaf DVD’s . . . So exciting!

All this plus the blessed addition to our family—Alexander Paul was born by cesarean September 17th. Again, Michelle’s recovery was quick and relatively painless (thanks for the prayers!) so that meeting mentioned earlier? With 2 week old Alex in a sling, Michelle was able to interpret for Carlos. And this Sunday she’s back in the signing worship mode . . .

The Lonnie file:

An update of the projects Lonnie has been working on:

Casa de Porvenir drug rehab center—They’ve been out there starting the laying out of the buildings and roads. They just had a group come down and help finish up a septic tank and leech lines. They just started their center in August with a couple of guys. At the same time their director Carlos Carrion had just become a full time Mexican missionary. Lonnie warned Carlos that he will work harder and longer than he has ever done before as missionary director. Something Lonnie lives out now with our ministry and is enjoying doing so every day.

Church of Porvenir— New 3,000 gal. septic tank and leech lines. One of the big problems that Mexico has is with their sewer systems. One blessing that Lonnie’s Engineering background has really helped out in is the design and installation of septic tanks. Praises to God after this one is finished it will be the 3rd system built with a 4th system planned to be built later this year.

Children’s Ministry building—Olive Tree ministry just had a group down and we were able to get the plumbing roughed-in and get some detail framing completed in order to start sheet rocking as God provides.

The other day Lonnie was working with William, one of the gentlemen at the Casa de Porvenir drug rehab center and a new Christian. William said usually when he “helps” people they just give him the broom or shovel, Lonnie had him working on the piping and with great appreciation William said that Lonnie was the first guy to teach him as he worked.

It is our privilege to be working here in Ensenada every day in everyday things . . . Where Christ is working in their lives and we do our part to nurture His work. We put our life out to His service even though it may seem non-glamorous. Doing our part so that His will be done - His kingdom be furthered.

Our privilege!