1 Peter 4:10

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Guest Speakers Urge Deaf to Action

We had guest speaker Eugene Gehm come down for a couple of Sundays to speak to the deaf congregation, encouraging the deaf to be witnesses for Jesus. Eugene and his wife Linda(also deaf) stay in contact with the deaf in Ensenada and are true encouragers!

If you’re interested in seeing his messages (in Mexican Sign Language) you can at HERE
 Kelly Lynch, our guest speaker at the women's deaf retreat taught something similar; reflect Jesus and you affect people- God seems to be saying it's their turn, now, to rise up - And they do!

Rita blows me away with her understanding of God's character.  You might remember the last news was them being persecuted by other deaf.  Rita said that through it all she trusted Jesus to defend her and her husband, and He did! Officials fined the accusers for bringing up the unsubstantiated accusations! 
The deaf retreat went GREAT and we had a few wii sport injuries, but mostly just a whole bunch of fun and spiritual growth.

Rosalba garcia has parents who are deaf, so she signs fluidly and just got her professional certification in mexican sign.  She is an advocate for the deaf working with the municipal government and a believer - and very young - pray for this bundle of energy and her future! 

Margarita - the deaf lady that suffered a stroke- is recovering and still suffers from side paralysis. She gets around with help, but holds tight to Jesus.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The game is on!

It's official!

me and Kelly
We are going to have a deaf women's retreat in October 22-24 . . .


And our guest speaker (per request of the deaf ladies themselves) Kelly Lynch~(who also happens to be a personal favorite of mine)


And we have just booked the beach house from Lantern Hill ministries . . .


And now for the rest of the work.  Could use your prayers and if you have any suggestions, or would like to volunteer to help . . . that would be AWESOME!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Could use your prayers

One of our ladies - Margarita - suffered a stroke this week.

She suffers from paralysis on her right side.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

In Heaven...

Last week in the deaf women's bible study Antonia shared with us about her experience. She said "I dreamed that it was shaking and in the clouds I saw a big bright light coming down someone was there, and he was Jesus. I could not see well but I saw his light shining and he had his arms outstretched towards me, and he said he would take me with him to Heaven. Then an angel without wings came and stood besides me, encouraging me to go. And I was really happy because I would be in Heaven with Jesus'!
We rejoiced at hearing this because- despite that she can not read or write and has a limited vocabulary - she understands the Word of God because He expresses Himself to her! It is wonderful to see how God communicates through dreams, especially with deaf!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


In the women's bible we spoke of being beautiful in Christ's eyes and in attendance for the first time was Francis Lizbeth (for those who know her) she is not lovely by the world's standard and she was moved to tears.

She's been on a long path of doubts, confusions and sorrows. Her battle, lately, has been wanting to have a baby - without being married. Her desire is to be unconditionally loved and have constant companionship. God brought her at just the right time, and we spoke to her of HIS unconditional love and companionship!

Pray that she has clearly understood.
deaf womens retreat 2008 081

Monday, June 7, 2010

Latest news!

Let me open my heart with you for a moment.
Just a short time ago we seemed to be walking though the valley of the shadow of death.  Pastor Carlos and his two young children recovering from his wife's’ death and Lonnie recovering from a kidney transplant and accompanying physical disabilities.  Not to mention the tremendous emotional repercussions for all involved.
At times it was so hard for everyone in Baja Compassion to continue the work that had to be done, we were not even able to write.  A good friend pointed out how absolutely essential  it was to let you - the people who love and care about us - know how desperately we needed prayer.  We did.  Plus - we KNOW there are those who never STOPED praying and supporting us - even through our silence.  
We write today to tell you GOD HEARD, HE ANSWERED and HE IS GOOD! 
With Virginia’s death (Pastor Carlos’s wife) we lost a huge pillar in the deaf women’s ministry.  Now we have started up a deaf women’s bible study that meets every Tuesday afternoon in a small cafe in Ensenada.  For several months it was just me and Rita, a lady that I would like to see rise up to take a leadership role among the deaf women.  And we continued in faith - and now we have two more that regularly attend.  
Antonia - a deaf lady that never had any scholastic training, does not read or write, and came to know Christ through our first deaf women’s retreat we had  in 2007.  Margarita is in her 50’s and she too has had no prior schooling and - in fact - is still grasping the hang of communication in sign language with a limited but growing vocabulary.  It makes the teaching of this bible study a slow but - oh so - blessed time!
And we do not shy away from the deep truths. :-)
One more HUGE answer to prayer has been Gaby Suarez, with her precious 3mo old little girl, joining us at Baja Compassion!  She is wonderfully qualified to help us in the office and in the ministry.  She knows both Spanish and English, has 3 deaf siblings (Pastor Carlos being one of them!)  so she signs very naturally both ASL and Mexican sign language and knows her way around a computer.  SO PLEASED are we to have her here for the summer.   
At the moment Gaby is seeking supporters for ministry here.  If you feel lead to support Gaby at Baja Compassion Ministries just make a note of it somewhere with the gift, and we’ll make sure that it gets to her.  The same goes for Pastor Carlos.
Ever Thankful for YOU!

OH! I almost forgot - Lonnie is doing SO much better - we are more than overjoyed!  Keep praying for him!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In spite of me.

As I write this I'm sniffling and sneezing.  My eyes itch, my nose is running, my skin is crawling, my head feels painful and heavy - and I'm running a low grade fever. A bad case of allergies.

I certainly didn't want to go and lead our deaf women's bible study.  I wanted to stay in bed.  But Rita (deaf) and I have been meeting for about 5 or 6 months now and just recently we've been joined by one more deaf woman - Maragrita.  So I prep lightly and head out, praying that God use me- in spite of myself.

Wouldn't you know we had two new ladies show up!

And it was tricky - out of the 4 deaf ladies there only one can read a bit.  Two have had no schooling whatsoever so even their sign language vocabulary is limited.  The third had been taught a type of pidgin american sign language and only knew a limited amount of mexican sign language.

As you can imagine the lesson went slowly - and I had a couple of times where I would go into defining an idea (like - who was moses, what is a Pharisee) and lose my train of thought- COMPLETELY! So again, I just pray that God was able to use me - in spite of myself.

Funny side note: I was sneezing before we started, and as soon as we closed in prayer I started sneezing agin.  But all during the lesson I didn't have to use a kleenex, not once.

I hope the ladies were blessed and went away with something and I pray they did.

It's in God's hand now.  I'm just thankful I didn't give in to what I wanted but went anyway.

How about praying for these ladies that attended today?  Thanks.

Monday, February 22, 2010

From Pastor Carlos

Dear family and friends. 

Praise God! Our family is very good and I thank for your prayers for us. Please continue to pray faithfully to God as he works in my life. My children grow taller and continue well in their schools.  Leilani, she is 8 years old and Jeremiah is 5.

Our ministry with Calvary Chapel deaf Horizonte (Calvary Chapel Ensenada). Deaf people continue to respond to God's words. Their hearts grow spiritually. We average approximately deaf 20 on Sundays, for Bible study and some deaf by Wednesday where we are currently studying 1 John. Even some hearing people have been attending our services. They learn both about deaf culture and the preaching of mine.

I teach Mexican Sign Language (LSM) on Tuesdays. Our interpreters, Michelle Pfingston, Yesenia Beckman and Elvia Gaxiola love singing with sign language. Michelle, Yesenia and I meet on Friday to go over and discuss interpretation for the worship songs. My hearing friend, Jose Michel, who is a student of the LSM class is interested in helping the deaf. Jose has been video recording my teaching of LSM. If you are interested in seeing these videos please see our website: www.sordomudoyciego.blogspot.com (also www.cchorizonte.org) Pray for God touches the hearts of some more hearing to join with us minister to the deaf.

Blessings to you all!
Carlos Suarez