1 Peter 4:10

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.

Monday, November 28, 2011

From Gaby's Heart

Gossip is a stronghold.  It’s been exhausting hearing a whole bunch of “he said” “she said” . . . 
But it broke my heart when I found out that because of gossip a dear lady was not coming to church.  She is too embarrassed to face those that were accusing her. 
And she came to deaf women’s Bible study on Saturday!  She was excited and so moved by the study that she was in tears.  She promised she’d be there Sunday.
She was a student of mine at Rancho Sordo Mudo, the school for deaf.  I’ve seen her love for God, her true devotion.
She knows Jesus, even if lately she hasn’t been walking in obedience.  I *know* Jesus is waiting for her to return to Him; lovingly, patiently.
It is satan’s plan to keep her from church. PRAY!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Growth and Plans in the Deaf Church

Michelle Bonsell and her husband
We have plans for a deaf women’s retreat to happen in February.  But we don’t have much set yet.  We’ve invited a friend and former Rancho Sordo Mudo co-worker, Michelle Bonsell, to come and speak.  A request from the deaf ladies themselves.  She was dorm mother to several of the young ladies and is now working at another school for deaf in Los Mochis, Mexico with her husband and family. 

We have yet to book the place, or fund it, but with faith, we make our plans.  So we could use prayer, God’s anointing on the plans.  That God provides for this and that the women come, be ministered to, leave blessed and ready to bless others. 
Ensenada deaf congregation
at church

Carlos continues to teach with God given authority, and the congregation continues to grow.  We’ve had to move from the small meeting room to a much larger one in order to fit everyone.  And that is a good thing. Nevertheless, satan fights the growth, and people are people whether hearing or deaf.

So we have interpersonal problems/situation just like any other church that is made up of  people.  With that in mind please pray for a situation that involves hurt, feelings of betrayal, blame, and accusations. Pray that justice and healing happen among our community.
Pastor Carlos sharing his testimony with the hearing congregation

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Take Note~

We have a  new address for correspondence and to continue to support Carlos and/or Gaby Suarez. 
Make checks out to 
Baja Compassion Ministry
1000 Lake Davis Rd
Portola, CA 96122
All gifts are tax deductible.  If you have a specific person you wish to give to, please make a note of that in the memo.  Thank you.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Important update for you, our supporters.


With much prayer and consideration we are moving our home base to a small town in northern California. Though this will signify a reduced roll for us Pfingstons, Baja Compassion will continue on.         

As God provides, the Pfingstons will make trips down into Baja California for hands on ministry; signing, helping, building and counseling. From our new location we will continue organizing retreats, and other administrative tasks, inline with the ministry and vision as
God leads.


The deaf church and ministry continues to thrive under the care of Pastor Carlos in Ensenada, Mexico. Pastor Carlos will continue to work under the umbrella of Baja Compassion.
The Pfingstons are moving mostly due to Lonnie’s medical needs and insurance requirements.

You have been faithful in supporting the Pfingston family through Baja Compassion Ministry and we are extremely grateful! There is no way we could do this without you!

While we do not expect you to continue support for us, should you feel led to give elsewhere, we would like to reassure you that your donations will continue to be applied directly to the ongoing ministry of Baja Compassion in Mexico

Baja Compassion Ministries, from our new home base, will continue as a means for Pastor Carlos to receive financial support, and all donations to Baja Compassion are still tax deductible.

Our new corresponding address is:
Baja Compassion Ministries 1000 Lake Davis Rd Portola, CA 96122

Since the beginning of Baja Compassion Ministries our vision has aways been not only to interpret for the deaf - but to bring the deaf of Baja California into a fuller life in Jesus. An abundant life - rich in His blessing.

Through the years youve helped us reach and love the deaf of Ensenada. Now in this time of transition, we are excited for the ministry that is still to come!
We are so THANKFUL for all you! Blessings on you!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm starting to use some TECHNOLOGY! . . .

it's my first time taking my laptop and recording Pastor Carlos - it's all in Mexican Sign Language.  But I hope to be able to record and upload a higher quality video.

The deaf church has really been growing.  They have moved from the little room they gathered in to the larger double sized room.

Also - Praise the Lord - Deaf Ministries Worldwide gifted Pastor Carlos with a new laptop and projector!  That is what he is using in this teaching - it's WONDERFUL!

And if you do watch this video - I hope you see what we've been seeing - Pastor Carlos more at ease preaching.  It's been a long road here - where before he seemed to not have his footing, now you see a confidant and sure pastor!  It's wonderful to see.

I know it's because of the prayer support he receives -

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wanna support mission, eh?

  • profile.php.jpg

    This young lady and her family have been a huge help with the deaf church that meets at Calvary Chapel Horizonte, when I heard she was going on her first missions trip to CUBA! I became excited to do what we could to help.  So let me share her letter:

    Hi my name in Nora Michel and I've been serving the lord for over two years. I decided to dedicate my life to Jesus and that's why I joined the Missions Ministry of Calvary Chapel Horizonte Ensenada. I received His call about a one year ago and since then I've been participating in various local missions’ events.

    Today, God has opened the door to be part of a missions’ trip to Cuba in July!
    The group will be in Cuba to support Calvary Chapel Havana & serve with the youth, children & women of the church and the area it serves. There are plans for a youth conference in Diezmero, several women's conferences in Havana and in the countryside as well as a children's summer program.

    The group heading to Cuba consists of my friend Holly, our missions’ leader Lety and her daughter Monica and Tania Domingo, our Pastor's wife who will be blessing the Cuban ladies with several women's conferences.
    As a team I know we will be truly blessed by the Lord and the plans He has for us and for the people of Cuba.

    Our trip begins on July 21st where we fly from Tijuana to Mexico City for a 2 day Pastor's conference. On the 24th we fly from Mexico City to Havana. The plans are to spend time in the countryside of Camajuani to join the Calvary Chapel Downey Missions team and bless the people with Youth & Women's conference and then head back to Havana and spend a week with Calvary Chapel Havana serving and blessing them as well. On August 8th we fly back to Tijuana with a lifetime of memories & tremendous growth in the Lord.

    I'd love to have your support in constant prayer! And if you desire to support financially, I'd appreciate your donation (:

    *Make all checks payable to:
    Horizonte Ministries
    PO Box 1199
    Bonita CA 91908

    * All financial support is tax deductible.
    * In memo section of check, please write: Nora Michel - CUBA MISSION 2011.

    *Or you can find me in Calvary Chapel Horizonte!

    Thank you for considering joining me in support for this trip for God's Kingdom.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Carlos Suarez trip to Ciudad Juarez

If you'd like to see more pictures from Pastor Carlos's trip to Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico for the pastor conference and to follow Pastor Carlos on Facebook Click Here

Pictures from Honduras

Lonnie will add commentary to these pictures as soon as I can pin him down . . . 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ciudad Juarez and the Deaf

The town was Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico and it just happens to be among the worst affected parts of Mexico’s drug-related violence. 

It also happens to be a place where the Deaf Pastor and Leaders Conference was being held.
After His wife passed away, leaving him with his two small children, Pastor Carlos seemed to be just keeping his head above water.  But in this last year we are seeing him really get his footing.  He is finding a maturity as a Pastor that is encouraging to see.
This conference was the first of it’s kind that he was able to attend in his history of being a Pastor.
You know how many other deaf pastors showed up? 
None.  Zip. Zero.
Just Pastor Carlos and the hosting Deaf Pastor and his church.  Be it for fear or for distance - because really - how many deaf Pastors are there in all of Mexico? NOT ENOUGH!   
But this translated into an intense meeting between God and Carlos, for a time of refreshment and edification
PRAISE GOD!  He needed it!
And he has returned. Safe and sound, and recharged.  It was a blessing! 
And THANK YOU to all those that helped him afford the opportunity! 

Friday, April 8, 2011


After to Haiti - Lonnie tells me - Honduras is the poorest country in the world.

Lonnie has returned from Honduras!  Lonnie is well and happy to be home, but quite moved by his experience there.

He tells me that of the groups that came down while there, he knew the most spanish, so his spanish being as it may - he was the interpreter . . . .
His high school spanish teacher would be proud.

He did a lot of traveling in taxicabs as he was often sent out to find this part or other to build the orphanage - and Lonnie used that captive audience to share Jesus. 

He says that the people's hearts are open to hearing.  He doesn't know if anyone accepted Jesus as their savior, but as he was building a home for kids - he was also planting seeds for the Kingdom!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Lonnie will be going to Honduras to help build an orphanage in a town called Santa Barbara.

Yes, Baja Compassion Ministries will be helping Footsteps Missions from the beginning of February until the beginning of April.

You can remember mommy (Michelle) at home with the three kids in prayer if you like! :-)

Deaf women's Bible study will be starting up again January 11th.

And - our marvelous helper that we've had since last May, Gaby Suarez, will be going home Jan 18th . . . indefinitely.  She is taking time to see what God wants from her.  Where he wants her to be.

Naturally we'd LOVE her to stay with us - here working with the deaf in Ensenada - but we want her to follow God's leading as well.

SO- pray for God's clear leading to stay here, come back! in her life.