1 Peter 4:10

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.

Monday, April 23, 2007

God's Roof -Children's Minstry Project

God's Roof - Children's Ministry Project Porvenir, B.C. Mexico

What happens when you build something on faith? Things end up the way God wants it which is not always the way we had envisioned them. These pictures tell it all.

We were blessed with free roofing material for our project. This is the finished roof for one of our projects. I call this our rainbow roof. We were blessed with a high school group who helped us lay the shingles.

One side is a rainbow and the other side has three different type of shingles. The awesome thing about this a perfect example how God often provides in our lives. We wait around praying for what we want and God provides what we really need not necessarily what we want.

P.S. the eaves are 20' to the ground. Praise God no one got hurt!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

You've all been praying, haven't you!

I am thrilled, thrilled to tell you what happened on Sunday.

A miracle before my eyes.

Our deaf pastor, Carlos, asked me on Sunday to be his interpreter with a meeting he wanted to have with the Calvary Chapel of Ensenada Pastor Juan Domingo .

In the meeting with Juan he explained about his video making vision, to make videos in Mexican Sign Language of the Bible, some devotional DVDs and preachings. Barely had Carlos gotten the words out "I want to make DVD videos for the deaf in sign" when Juan Domingo jumped up and brought in another man . . . Paul, and another from Calvary Chapel of Chino Hills.


It sounds like Carlos will be getting a video camera, DVD burner and a computer capable to handle the work! Praise God!

And Carlos just went in there to ask for Pastor Juan's prayer about this vision that God had put on Carlos's heart!

God timing, God's grouping and God's work . . .

I stand amazed at the way God opens doors!

Now if we can just keep in prayer that what was promised doesn't get put on a back burner but instead it's results are seen in a timely manner.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

From the Pastor

Our deaf congregation continues studying in the four gospels. I do believe that the deaf are starting to really understand.
And Praise God we had a deaf man, Manuel, come to accept Jesus as his savior, where previously he had been with the Jehovah Witnesses. A true victory in Jesus to be sure! He understands the Good News and is beginning to really grow spiritually, although still a ‘baby’ in Christ.

I mentioned to our hearing congregation pastor of Calvary Chapel of Ensenada, Juan Domingo, about the two who were recently saved (including Antonia from the deaf woman’s retreat). And we spoke of their desire to be baptized. I asked if Juan would be willing to baptize them and he thought I should do it!

It would be an honor.

Our deaf congregation is motivated; they pay rapt attention and are asking questions . . . but once they leave the church and go home it is so hard for them to study the bible on their own. The words are big and difficult; the semantics of grammar are sometimes incomprehensible. A few have an easy version of the bible that they are able to understand, but most do not. It is a different culture they are trying to figure out and it is a challenge.

One woman whose soul is hungry for Jesus asked my wife if she could borrow her bible devotions that were done in ASL. But there is nothing for those that only know Mexican Sign Language. Now this woman knows a bit of ASL, but even then she doesn’t understand ‘full’ ASL and so the bible devotional helped, but was still difficult to follow.

It is on my heart, my hope and prayer to make some bible devotions in Mexican Sign Language. It is a request that I’ve set before the Lord and a much needed thing.
To make this happen I would need a video recorder, someone who is skilled at doing these types of things and, personally, to study more Mexican Sign Language so that I am careful not to make any mistakes in ‘translation’. I know it is possible with the help of the Holy Spirit and on him I will depend.

I could do this on my own (with God’s help), but if I could get the assistance of someone better skilled at video recordings, then I know it would be quicker and faster that we could make and spread this resource. Please continue praying for this video ministry that God has put on my heart.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Tomorrow (Sunday) I will be serving as an interpreter for an English speaking group at the church in Porvenir.
Funny how I feel less confidant to do this interpretation than I would to sign.
Well, guess that's how it goes.
Also, since Lonnie finished the last project with the spring break groups he has been working on the project for Olive Tree Ministry and I am just trying to pin him down for a bit to tell you about it . . and hopefully post pictures.
He mentioned how he was uncomfortable with heights on that 12 foot wall . . . well these last days he's been on the roof of a two story building!
Talk about God stretching you right where you'd rather He not!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Interpritation vs. the giggles

This Sunday while I was interpreting worship we came to a song called "Christo Vive".

It's fast, and repetitive.

Christ lives, Christ lives, Christ lives,
my savior is not dead,
He is not in a tomb
my savior is not dead,
He is resurrected!
Christ lives, Christ lives, Christ lives!

A fun song . . . but like I said, fast and as I saw the deaf congregation keep up with the pace of the song I suddenly had the mental image of the action song "head, shoulder, knees and toes" and almost busted into a pile of giggles right there!

I managed keep it to a wide smile and we all had fun celebrating that Christ indeed is alive!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

It's Spring Break!

And for most of us missionaries it means that it is anything but a "break"!

All last week and all this week Lonnie has been working in the "Gran Ciudad de Porvenir" with Ventana Ministries and the groups that have been coming down to work.

We have been working with a group of around 90 high schoolers on fire for the Lord. We broke into smaller teams and we were assigned small projects around town. Our project was a test of facing our fear of heights. We are replacing a broken down fence on top of a 12' high soccer back stop. It is a simple project that would only take a day or two but with the height issues it has taken us the whole 2 weeks.

Praises to the Lord nobody has seriously fallen from the ladders or scaffolding yet. We still have two more days of work until completely finished please keep us in prayer. When I agreed to help my pride would not let me confess that I am petrified of heights. But praise God He has been my strength and courage through this project! God is Good!

Sad news.

This deaf couple and their little boy are being torn apart at the seams. Soon their divorce will be finalized.
The mother is not walking in the ways of God, and when anyone approches the father he just says "leave me be".
And we know it is their little boy that will hurt most of all, who is now staying with his grandmother.
Our hearts ache for them and families like them . . .

Help Wanted

It has been needed for a long time . . . an assistant for Carlos.

He is looking for someone who is willing, and able to learn Mexican Sign Language if they don't already know it, that would study and mentor under him to help with the ministry.

From inside the fold or someone with a heart for missions . . . if you could bring this up in prayer . . .

Know someone who wants to volunteer some time? E-mail us!